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FASTfinger® WATSON MINI is FBI Appendix F certified two-finger scanner to capture single flats, rolls, and dual flats.

The scanner is impervious to latent prints caused by artifacts, oil, and moisture. It captures high-quality fingerprints in any difficult conditions, especially excellent at dry fingers, and performs in direct sunlight. FASTfinger® WATSON MINI shows compact and light form factor, and prevents inflow of water or dust as an IP67 device tested on outer durability and resistance. Featuring an intuitive, ergonomic design and employing ultra-light less than 85 grams and low power consumption of <250mA during full scanning mode, the scanner is ideal for applying to not only normal environment, but mobile applications

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FBI Appendix F Certification

FASTfinger® WATSON MINI is FBI Appendix F certified scanner that uses LES (light emitting sensor) technology. FBI Appendix F certification, which is image quality specification for collecting fingerprint images, is the standard applied to both flat and rolled scans. FBI certified fingerprint scanners mean that they are following the strict standard to meet image quality required for fingerprint enrollment or authentication.

Ultra-small Form Factor

FASTfinger® WATSON MINI scanner size is only 61 x 60 x 34 mm and weighs ultra-light 85 grams. The compact, light form factor means that FASTfinger® WATSON MINI can cover various cases in which real-world users demand it for enrollment and authentication. FASTfinger® WATON MINI is an ideal device not only for desktop, but for integrated purpose including mobile devices and kiosks.

Excellent Durability

FASTfinger® WATSON MINI is designed to withstand harsh environments with minimum maintenance. FASTfinger® WATSON MINI, as an IP67 rated device, passed tests on outer durability and resistance, preventing inflow of water and dust.

Structural Prevention of Various Fake Fingers

FASTfinger® WATSON MINI is capable of structurally preventing intentional tries to enroll or verify fake fingers, because the scanner based on LES technology does not have any response to various kinds of fake fingers including paper, rubber, gelatin, silicon, latex, and so on.

High-quality Images for Various Finger States

The state of a fingerprint enrolled on the livescanner can be discern as wet, dry, weak, and dirty. FASTfinger® WATSON MINI collects 500 PPI high quality images, as its LES technology reduces the effects of various finger states.

High-quality Images with Rare Effects of Marks or Stains

Unlike other optical scanners, FASTfinger® KOJAK based on LES technology is capable of collecting high-quality images from stained fingerprints, minimizing the effects of latent prints caused by dirt, oil and moisture, and avoiding halo effect.

Efficient Power Consumption

FASTfinger® WATSON MINI operates by low power consumption. The scanner requires power of < 250mA during full scanning mode and 2mA during suspend mode, working only in USB connection without extra power. The low power consumption allows FASTfinger® WATSON MINI to apply to wide areas including mobile environment where a scanner should work in the power of a laptop or battery.

No Impact from Direct Sunlight during Scanning

Capturing mechanism of the light emitting sensor has a principle of operating with no impact of outer light. Therefore, FASTfinger® WATSON MINI is not affected by any indoor light. It captures high-quality images even under direct sunlight.

Minimum Maintenance

FASTfinger® WATSON MINI does not apply silicon pad that some models in the market use, so it has no maintenance cost led by the silicone pad. Also, prism optical scanners need to clean due to latent prints or artifacts on the prism caused by repetitive inputs, but FASTfinger® WATSON MINI is so convenient that it can collect high-quality images from repetitive inputs


Hardware Scanner Size 61 mm x 60 mm x 34 mm
Sensing Area 40.6 mm x 38.1 mm
Weight 85 grams
Interface USB 2.0
IP Rating IP67
Power Consumption < 250mA (full scanning mode)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Operating Humidity 30~85% RH < 40°C (non-condensing)
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS, KCC
Fingerprint Images Resolution 500 PPI
Grayscale 256 grayscale dynamic range
Image Size 800 x 750 pixels
Image Format RAW, JPEG2000, BMP, PNG, WSQ
FBI Certification FBI Appendix F
Software OS Windows 7, Linux, Android 4.0


Criminal or civil AFIS

Background check system

Immigration system

National ID, driver’s license

e-Passport or e-Visa issuing

Mobile devices, smartphone, and tablets