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Introduction of SMARTCORE

SMARTCORE is a technology-oriented company developing image-processing devices and solutions including biometrics,
and shows various and creative products in the dynamic market trends of immigration, image-processing, and biometrics.
In the area of biometric recognition related to fingerprint, face, and iris, especially, SMARTCORE has algorithms and related
technologies through expertise and experiences accumulated for many years.

On the unique knowledge base that we have, SMARTOCRE offers best-in-class FASTfinger® fingerprint scanners that give clear-cut
answers to a variety of questions such as what kind of fingerprint scanner should be chosen, which quality should be guaranteed
for customers in the real fields, which technology should be supported to make customers use fingerprints easy and convenient,
and which customer services are required in the place of operation in which fingerprints are repetitively captured.

Features of SMARTCORE’s FASTfinger®


FASTfinger® fingerprint scanners, which solved previous problems from old scanners, are authentic products that have unique values such as ultra-small form factor, high quality images from poor fingerprint states, imperviousness to latent images from fingerprint’s marks or sensor’s stains, high-quality images under indoor light or direct sunlight, and minimum maintenance factors.

Technical Support

SMARTCORE provides user-friendly technical support to help operating scanners easily and conveniently in the real fields. SMARTCORE’s technical support is accurate, establishing support systems that guarantee stability of products in the operating environment through R&D team’s process of technical development and verification based on deep understanding of the products.


SMARTCORE provides maintenance services to have the supplied products operated in the best condition. SMARTCORE offers high-quality service for FASTfinger® fingerprint scanners with maintenance know-how that has MBAS®, FASTpass® P1, and FASTphoto® D400 serviced nationwide in Korea.

FASTfinger® Fingerprint Scanners are supplied to fingerprint-related major companies and government organizations around the world.


Address [13403] #801, KRANZ TECHNO, 388, Dunchon-daero, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel +82-31-752-6200
Fax +82-31-752-6208