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LES film technology melted in high-quality fingerprint acquisition from single rolls to ten prints

SMARTCORE Inc. offers the world’s best fingerprint scanners through deep understanding on fingerprint recognition technology
and extensive analysis of customer’s demands. FASTfinger® fingerprint scanners were all FBI certified and acquire high-quality
fingerprint images under the stark fingerprinting conditions. LES film technology applied to FASTfinger® fingerprint scanners,
which is optical fingerprinting technology, lifted the scanners to the world-class level. Experience the best technology
on fingerprint recognition with FASTfinger® fingerprint scanners.

FBI Appendix F Certification

Ultra-small Form Factor

High-quality Images
for Various Finger States

High-quality Images with
Rare Effects of Marks or Stains

No Impact from Direct
Sunlight during Scanning

LES Film Technology beyond the limit of performance and quality of old scanners